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Extruded PVC for Over 30 Years




Why Accord Industries and the
Universal 100 Brand?

Accord Industries has been producing quality rigid extruded PVC pipe under the Universal 100 brand since 1972 at our Winter Park, Florida facility. Renown for its outstanding customer service and on-time delivery, Accord is the benchmark in the irrigation, plumbing, pool and specialty PVC pipe markets in the Southeast.

Universal 100 offers hundreds of rigid extruded PVC pipe products in our ready inventory from 1/2" to 12" diameter, including plain-end, belled-end, gasket, sewer, reclaim and custom extrusion pipe to meet the needs of our customers. Our in-house quality control lab maintains rigorous testing standards applicable to products specified in drinking, sanitary, plumbing and irrigation water markets throughout our industry.

We are committed to serving your PVC needs with outstanding service on time, every time.